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The Scheme of SSA a national flagship programme, is being implemented in all districts of the country. The aim of SSA is to provide useful and relevant elementary education for all children in the 6-14 age groups by 2010. The scheme of SSA was launched in 2001. The goals of SSA are as follows:

  • All 6-14 age children in school/EGS centre/Bridge Course by 2005.
  • Bridge all gender and social category gaps at primary stage by 2007 and at elementary education level by 2010.
  • Universal retention by 2010.
  • Focus on elementary education of satisfactory quality with emphasis on education for life.

The assistance under the programme of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was on a 85:15 sharing arrangement during the Ninth Plan, 75:25 sharing arrangement during the Tenth Plan, and 50:50 sharing thereafter between the Central Government and the State Government except for 8 NE states, where 15% of the assistance is met by Ministry of DONER for the two years 2005-06 and 2006-07.

The programme covers the entire country with special focus on educational needs of girls, SCs/STs and other children in difficult circumstances. The programme seeks to open new schools in those places which do not have schooling facilities and strengthen existing school infrastructure through provision of additional class rooms, toilets, drinking water, maintenance grant and school improvement grant. The SSA has a special focus on girls and children of weaker sections. A number of initiatives, including distribution of free textbooks, target these children under the programme. The SSA also seeks to provide computer education even in the rural areas.

Source: National Portal Content Management Team, Reviewed on: 19-01-2011