Obtain Death Certificate: Andhra Pradesh


Any citizen or any foreigner's legal heir, the death of whose relative takes place in the State

Concerned Authority

The local bodies - Municipalities in the urban and the Mandal Revenue Office in the rural areas of the state


Once a death occurs, the family member should reach the local body, the Municipality or the Mandal Revenue Office and apply for the certificate in a Death Report Statutory form (Form 4) on any working day.

Necessary Documents/Papers

The application is to be made in the prescribed format with a legal certificate. Then it will be verified & the certificate will be issued.


It varies from local body to local body and is at the discretion of the local body.


The concerned local body will give the form (Form 4) free of cost in most of the places. They can also be downloaded from http://ccla.ap.gov.in/revformsmain.htm (External website that opens in a new window). Online submission is not possible at present.

The following Municipality websites may be visited for more info:

  1. Hyderabad: http://www.ourmch.com (External website that opens in a new window)
  2. Visakhapatnam: http://www.visakhapatnammunicipalcorporation.org (External website that opens in a new window)
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