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It is now possible to access the full text of various Court Judgements online.The Judgement Information System or JUDIS is a unique judiciary service for the citizens, which lets you access all the judgements that have been passed by the Supreme Court of India since its inception in 1950, as well as the judgements by some other High Courts, on the Internet. JUDIS presents some very user-friendly methods for citizens to make their search more convenient. Citizens can search judgements through the name of the petitioner or respondent, the name of the judge, the name of the party, the date of judgement, and so on. Moreover, the judgements passed by the Supreme Court till 1993 consist of headnotes as well. JUDIS is quite a resourceful service for citizens, backed by the fact that judgements passed by the courts included in the list are available for users within a day of their delivery in the courts.

Use the links given below to search the JUDIS Database for court judgements.

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