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Government Aided Schemes/Programs/Projects

Government aided schemes and programmes are run by the Central Government for the health and welfare of the citizens. The people of the country are one of its most valuable resources. These programmes are aimed at increasing the standard of health of the people and decreasing the incidence of disease and death due to illness. The government aided schemes include immunization drives, special steps to deal with epidemics, programmes for elimination of dangerous diseases, and numerous education and training programmes.

According to the Indian Constitution (External website that opens in a new window), the subject of 'Health' comes under the purview of State governments (External website that opens in a new window). This means that the State Governments are responsible for maintaining and bettering the health of the people who live under its jurisdiction. The main policy, framework and support is enumerated by the Centre while the States devise their own models of accomplishing the Central Government's health related goals.

This section dwells on the various schemes and policies related to health that have been launched for the benefit of the citizens of India. One can click on the relevant section for more details.

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