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Fertilizer Quality Testing

The Central Fertilizer Quality Control and Training Institute (External website that opens in a new window) or CFQCTI is the main body that is involved in fertilizer quality testing. It is located in the city of Faridabad in Haryana with three Regional Fertilizer Control Laboratories (RFCL) situated in Navi Mumbai, Chennai and Kalyani. The main objectives of CFQCTI are:

  • Undertaking inspection and analysis of imported and indigenous fertilizers
  • Standardization and development of method of analysis
  • Training of fertilizer enforcement officers and analysts.
  • Acting as a referee laboratory
  • Providing technical guidance to the Central and State governments on Fertilizer Quality Control Laboratories.

The Central Fertilizer Quality Control and Training Institute, its three regional laboratories and other fertilizer quality control laboratories are involved in the analysis of fertilizer samples. This analysis is done based on the provisions of the Fertilizer Control Order.

The Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) - External website that opens in a new window of the Essential Commodities Act (ECA), provides for:

  • Compulsory registration of fertilizer makers, importers and sellers.
  • Specifications for all fertilizers produced, imported or sold in India.
  • A set of regulations on the manufacture of fertilizer mixtures.
  • Packing and labelling of fertilizer bags.
  • Appointment of enforcement agencies and creation of quality control laboratories.
  • Banning of the manufacture or import and sale of non-standard, spurious or adulterated fertilizers.

The order also provides for cancellation of authorization letter/registration certificates of dealers and mixture manufacturers. Offenders under ECA may also face imprisonment from 3 months to 7 years and/or a fine. The FCO offence has been declared as cognisable and non bail able.

Currently there are around 67 Fertilizer Quality Control Laboratories in the country. Every year, they analyse around 1,25,205 samples. Most samples are checked for adulteration and use of spurious products. States usually have one or more labs; however, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya, Delhi, Goa and all Union Territories with the exception of Pondicherry do not have any laboratory and use central services. Click here for a State wise list of Fertilizer Quality Control Laboratories in India (External website that opens in a new window).

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